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Ganpati Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd.Benaulim Beach
Benaulim BeachAt the end of the Colva beach, Benaulim is a quiet and pleasant beach. The best thing about Benaulim is that it is still rather undiscovered by domestic tourists even though it is a fishing beach. It gets fairly crowded in the evenings and on weekends, it gets fairly crowded with local visitors who get off buses about a kilometer away and pour onto the beach. The Church of St John the Baptist is situated on a hill beyond the village and worth a visit. On the arrival of the monsoon, Feast of St John the Baptist (Sao Joao) is celebrated as a thanksgiving. Young men wearing crowns of leaves and fruits tour the area singing for gifts. To commemorate the movement of St John in his mother's womb when he was in his mother's womb and visited by Mary, the mother of Jesus, the young men of this village jump in the wells. The sand blown beachfront, the gently shelving sands shimmer away almost to the horizon, litered with photogenic wooden fishing boats that provide welcome shade if the walk from the palm trees to the sea gets too much. Hawkers, itinerant masseurs and fruit wallahs appear from time to time, but one can easily escape them by heading south towards neighbouring Varca, where tourism has thus far made little impact. This is said to be the place where the arrow of Lord Parsurama landed when he created the state of Goa.

The main attractions on this beach are the Dolphin Cruises offered here, which are reasonably priced and are definitely worth it as the chances of spotting dolphins prance about are very high. The tranquil and charming village of Benaulim is also famous for its rosewood furniture and the carvings that one finds on these pieces are really noteworthy. Situated atop a hill just beyond the village is the church of St. John the Baptist. This church is a wonderful example of typical Goan Christian architecture. The Beach at Benaulim is very quiet and pleasant. The best thing about Benaulim is that it is still unexplored by the domestic tourists even though it is a fishing beach. The evenings are pretty crowded on weekends. It gets fairly crowded with Indian visitors. A walk on the beaches is full of delights. Shimmering silver carpets of bangdde (mackerels) lie drying on the golden sands. Fishermen's motor trawlers lie anchored in a line offshore. Tourists in colorful dresses throng about and several of them can be seen sunbathing in the glorious sun. Trinket stalls and drink stands on the golden sands make a moonlit evening on the Colva Beach utterly romantic. The Beach Bonanza fair that is held on successive Sundays from mid-April onwards on the Benaulim beach is a must not miss! Frenzied visitors dance in merriment and other entertainment. There are plenty of resorts and low-budget hotels in and around Colva. Benaulim too has a few hotels. Besides it is possible to rent houses for a longer stay.

Major Tourist Attractions of Benaulim Beach
Nossa Senhora de Merces (Our Lady of Mercy) Church - The church is famous for its annual religious event—Fama of Menino Jesuse (Child Jesus) since the 17th century. The predominantly Catholic community celebrates it on the third Monday of October every year. It is one of Goa’s most popular feasts and a big fair is held on the occasion.

On the Beach - While taking a stroll on the Colva Beach, silver carpets of bangdde (mackerels) can be viewed shimmering on the golden sands for drying. Fishermen’s motor trawlers can be seen anchored in a line offshore. Tourists—Indian and foreigners, as well as locals—can be seen in colorful dresses, coming either for a walk or ‘for a change of air’. Many tourists can be seen having a sunbath on the golden sands. The trinket stalls and the drink stands on the golden sands under the moonlight make the evening on the Colva Beach utterly romantic.

The Bull Fight - From early October to late May, from 4 pm onwards, one can see the bull fights at Benaulim. On the beat of taped Konkani music, the bullfights are usually held in an old rice field with no fences or barricades just outside a village.

Climate of Benaulim Beach
Goa has a consistent climate through the year with just meager fluctuations in the temperature. December and January might require light woolens. April and May are warm. The period from June to October brings heavy rain, almost up to 400 cm. The temperature during the summers ranges from 24°C to 32.7°C and during the winters it ranges from 21.3°C to 32.2°C.

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