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Ganpati Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd. Trichy
Tiruchirappalli, situated on the banks of the river Cauvery is the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu. It was a citadel of the early Cholas which later fell to the Pallavas. Trichy is a fine blend of tradition and modernity built around the Rock Fort. Apart from the Fort, there are several Churches, Colleges and Missions dating back to the 1760s.

The town and its fort, now in Trichy were built by the Nayaks of Madurai. This city has given great Tamil scholars whose contributions to the Tamil literature have been very significant. The most famous land mark of this bustling town is the Rockfort Temple, a spectacular monument perched on a massive rocky out crop which rises abruptly from the plain to tower over the old city.

It was one of the main centers around which the wars of the Carnatic were fought in the 18th century during the British-French struggle for supremacy in India. The city is a thriving commercial centre in Tamil Nadu and is famous for artificial diamonds, cigars, handloom cloth, glass bangles and wooden and clay toys.

Trichy Temples
Athmanathaswamy Temple:
Notable place for sculptural beauty and granite work. The roof of this temple is laid using pure granite.

Gunaseelam Temple:
Located on the Bank of river cauvery on its north Bank and 24 km far away from trichy. It is seen in the way towards Musri. Lord Vishnu is the deity here and it is an important temple for vaishnavaites. The name of the Lord Vishnu in this place is called “Prasanna Venkateshwara”. This temple’s deity is believed to have a magnificent power of curing mental ailments and hence people use to bring the Mentally retarded people over here. A mental asylum is also seen here run by various people of a Trust.

Thiruvanaikaval Jambukeshwara Temple:
An important place of worship for saivates located at a distance of 1.5 km from trichy and very nearer to srirangam. It is one amongst the jothirlinga states of lord shiva Lord shiva is seen in a form of linga and he is partially submerged in water.Underneath the linga form of shiva a spring comes and is a divine gift of the god. Archeological surveys prove that this was built in the same time when Renganatha swamy temple was built. A holy place which has five walls around and seven gopurams. only hindus are allowed in this temple.

Ayyappan Temple:
This temple is a peaceful place for worship. There is no caste creed or race bars in this Temple. The high degree of discipline is propagated here. Infact the temple is famous for its neat maintenance and planned activities. A large meditation Hall is seen here. Also, many boards and Hoardings with excellent messages to life are seen here. Being located nearer to district Court the Temple is really a place to find the way towards loyal life .special prayers are conducted for people who are unmarried and also for the childless people.

Trichy Other Important Places
Nadirsha Dharga:
This Dharga (Mosque) is situated in an important place and it is a Holy place of worship for Muslim people. It has got a history of about 1000 years. Festival celebrated here called “URS” attracts many Islam community people from allover the country to here. People believe that they realize themselves when they come here and hence the feel satisfied in a divine sprit.

Lady Lourdes church:
Located just opposite to rockfort’s teppakulam. An important place for Christian people’s prayer. The deity seen here is called “The Lady Lourdes” is a remembrance and symbol of Lourdes Basillica of Lourdes (Lourdes is an important and famous pilgrimage in world located in southern France).

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